Waiting for LindsayOne hot July day, on the coast of Scotland, Lindsay Mathieson, confident, careless, and thirteen years old, walks up the beach where she has played all her life, around the rocks, and out of sight. She leaves behind her two younger brothers, Jamie and Tom, and her cousins Annie and Alistair. She does not come back.

Thirty years later, those she left behind are still trying to deal with the consequences of that fateful day. Each has to deal with a child – or the absence of a child; with emotions expressed – or inexpressible; with silences that are as eloquent as words. When a teenaged nephew from England suddenly turns up in his Scottish relations’ midst without explanation, the crisis brings estranged family members together. Gradually they are drawn back to High House, where as cousins they played on that sunny beach. Here they must come to terms not just with Lindsay’s disappearance, but with their own fallibility, and an uncertain future.

A lyrical, graceful novel of loss and reconciliation, Waiting for Lindsay shows how the past continues to influence the present, and the importance of facing up to that past in order to move forward.